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The World's Problems

In the leadup to the election in the past week I've noticed that some people think that the answer to the world's problems is a political solution. Many times in the Gospel of Mark Jesus asked people not to tell anyone about the miracle that he just performed (for example Mark 7:36). Why did Jesus tell people to be hush about his healings and miracles? One possibility is that he didn't want people to think he had come to be a political (or health!) solution. Jesus came to be a solution to the root cause of the problems of the world: sin in human hearts. The people were waiting for a Christ who would be a conquering king, but Jesus came first as a suffering servant to take the penalty of our sin, buying for us the forgiveness that we all need and giving us new hearts to live righteously. One day Jesus will come as that conquering king, but then it will be too late for sinners who have not sought forgiveness. Pray with me that people will seek God's forgiveness while they still can. Now that's something that Jesus charged us to tell everyone!


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