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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

We are a Bible believing, Gospel centred Christian Church. The Gospel (which means ‘good news’) is that, through Jesus, God offers us all hope in this weary, strife-ridden world. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after reading our outline below of what we believe. For more details please see our page Who is Jesus?

Gospel Pictures 1 Creation.jpg

God created us to be in a fulfilling relationship with Him, which means trusting, loving and enjoying Him foremost in our lives where we put Him first and others before ourselves.

Gospel Pictures 2 Problem.jpg

But our relationship with God is broken because we have all gone our own way instead of trusting in His way of love. We are separated from Him. We cannot repair this ourselves because it is our nature to go astray in our self-centred way. But there is hope.

Gospel Pictures 3 Solution.jpg

God provided the solution out of his love for us by sending Jesus Christ, His Son, to take all the cares of the world and our own waywardness upon Himself. By His death and resurrection we can be reconciled with God and our relationship restored.

Gospel Pictures 4 Receive.jpg

We may receive this gift from God by admitting our selfish ways, believing in Jesus and asking for forgiveness. Then turning towards God we can live as His beloved child with Christ as our Lord, being transformed daily by His Holy Spirit.

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