The Gospel of Christ

A basic outline based on the truth given in the Bible. 

We are a Gospel centred church. The Gospel (which means "good news") is what you need to believe and live by to be a Christian. We have put together this outline so that as a church we can be clear about the foundation of all that we do. Check out our Gospel outline below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions after reading it.

Gospel Pictures 1 Creation.jpg

God created us to be in a fulfilling relationship with him, which means trusting, loving and enjoying God first and foremost in our lives.

Gospel Pictures 2 Problem.jpg

The problem is that we all have sinned by abusing the relationship we should have with God and as a result we face God’s just and eternal punishment in hell.

Gospel Pictures 3 Solution.jpg

God provided the solution out of his love for us by sending Christ to take our deserved punishment in hell. By his death and resurrection we can have a reconciled and new relationship with God.

Gospel Pictures 4 Receive.jpg

Receive this gift from God by admitting your sinfulness and believing in Christ. Then repent and live as a beloved child of God with Christ as your lord, being transformed daily by the Holy Spirit in you.