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Who is Jesus?

Jesus was a real man, sent by God for a special purpose, to show us who God is, what His character is, to show us that He is in control, and to offer hope and forgiveness to a fallen world. But Jesus was not just a man. He was truly divine, God for us and man with us.

Jesus led a life of teaching about God and the way to live, demonstrating God's power by healings and other miracles. But the world of his day turned on him and had him cruelly killed. He then rose again to life, thus winning a victory over sin and death and hell, a victory over Satan himself.

By this, Jesus provided a way of salvation for all who believe in Him. He took our place in receiving a punishment that we deserve. Thus we are reconciled with God when previously we were separated from Him by our sins, and so we can live a new life in fellowship with God.

Jesus offers hope, peace, joy and freedom from guilt, and an opportunity to show God's love to others in the way we live. If you would like to learn more then we recommend perusing the external web page Two ways to live.

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