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The Perished Kingdom (Fall)

If you already have a regular devotion habit that's great! If not, use this section to help you to study the bible every day!

Sword Practice Tip:

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword." (Hebrews 4:12) Sometimes you need to read big portions of the bible to see the links that span the whole bible. Sometimes you need to read just a few verses to savour or wrestle with its meaning. Both are important and exciting when you discover something for yourself.

The Perished Kingdom (Fall): Study based on God's Big Picture: Tracing the storyline of the bible, by Vaughan Roberts. The whole bible actually tells one big story of God's Kingdom! This week we look at how the fall in Genesis is part of this big picture perspective on the Bible.

In Genesis 3, Satan appears on the scene as a snake. He says to Eve "Did God really say that you must not eat from any tree in the Garden?" Not only does he lie about what God had really said, he also insinuates that God is stingy, withholding what is best. He deliberately directs their attention away from God's generosity and the blessings they have under God's rule. Eve and Adam fall for Satan's temptation when they eat from the tree that God had told them not to eat from. In doing so they rebel against God by giving more weight to their own instincts over God's word. They choose independence from God rather than blessing under God's rule. But this decision towards a world without God in his rightful place as king ends badly - just as God had warned. The next few chapters of Genesis show the downward spiral of broken relationships, death, murder, judgement, pride etc. Roberts calls this the Perished Kingdom, but God does not end the story here. The rest of the bible unfolds a beautiful story of rescue to bring back a people who will willingly submit to God's good rule and receive his blessing. Use the following study guide to help you understand this part of the story for yourself from the Bible.

Study Guide:

Monday: Genesis 3:1-5 - What tactics does the serpent Satan use to tempt Eve? How do we see him using the same tactics today?

Tuesday: Genesis 3:6 - What is at the heart of what Adam and Eve did wrong? In what way are we guilty in the same way?

Wednesday: Genesis 3:7-13 - What is the evident impact that Adam and Eve's sin have on their relationship with each other? And with God?

Thursday: Genesis 3:14-24 - What does God's punishment mean for 1) the serpent, 2) the woman, 3) the man, 4) all human beings?

Friday: Genesis 3:14-24 - What sign of hope can we see in this passage? (Hint: look closely at verse 15 for a clue pointing to Jesus).

Ask any questions by posting below.


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