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The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Last week Leroy mentioned that he was inspired by the talks on the Beatitudes at the regional clergy conference. Here's one Beatitude for us to think about: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

What is Meekness? Meekness begins when we put our trust in God, giving over to him our anxieties, our frustrations, our plans, our relationships, our jobs, our health. Meekness waits patiently for the Lord, trusting his timing and his power and his grace to work things out in the best way for his glory and for our good. The meek don't take justice into their own hands by fretful, quick-tempered human anger, but trusts that God will deliver true justice in his perfect timing. Meekness values correction from others. Meekness corrects others from a place of humility, knowing their own susceptibility to sin and dependence on the grace of God. Doesn't seem like you? Take comfort in this: if you have repented from sin and trusted in the forgiveness through Jesus Christ, then God has given you his very own Spirit and has already started helping you grow in meekness. Why don't you pray with me that God will help you see how his Spirit is at work in you and to grow you further in meekness this week? If you have never truly trusted in God for forgiveness through Christ, why don't you pray that God will help you start that journey now? The strong might dominate for a little time, but the meek shall inherit the earth from their Heavenly Father who has power to make all things right.

Adapted from What is Meekness? by John Piper at


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