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The Gospel in Leviticus

By J.

To be honest, I used to think of Leviticus as a great book to read if you needed something to help you fall asleep. What I was missing was the perspective that the whole Bible is one unified story about the Gospel, that is God’s redemptive plan for humanity. So the question we should be asking about Leviticus (or any other books of the Bible) is "How does this point to the Gospel?"

This study of themes that run throughout the whole Bible and how they contribute to the Gospel message is called biblical theology. Think of it as a game of 'Gospel hide and seek' as you try to figure out how each passage is leading to or revealing God's grand salvation plan. I would like to recommend The Bible Project videos as a fantastic resource for getting a taste for biblical theology with the help of their beautiful animations.

If you’re still wondering: how does Leviticus fit into the Gospel message in the whole Bible? This video might help.

Postscript from the writer: I'm currently reading 'The Bible Project |The Bible"reading plan on The Bible App by YouVersion. All these helpful videos are dispersed throughout the reading plan at useful points in the Bible. It's like a guided tour of the Bible. I'm now actually interested enough in Leviticus to be blogging about it. Surely that is a recommendation in itself! Pray for me that I'll be able to persist in this reading plan by the time I get to Chronicles ...


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