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Lockdown 6 - A Reflection


According to many people I have spoken to, and in the media, Lockdown 6 has been much harder to deal with than the previous lockdowns.

One of the reasons was that the short gap between Lockdown 5 and Lockdown 6 didn’t give us enough time to recover from Lockdown 5.

What do we need to recover from?

We needed to replenish the energy that was depleted in Lockdown 5. The energy that I am talking about is the energy that we get from physically being together and meeting up. In these lockdowns, we are deprived of that.

Scripture tells us that it is not good for humans to be alone which therefore makes us relational beings.

Also, worshipping in the church context means that we are a gathered who worship God together and encourage one another in our walk with God.

What’s the solution to this energy depletion which affects other aspects of our lives?

Rely on the strength of God.

After all, Scripture tells us that when we are weak - God is at His strongest. Also, Jesus gives us this great promise from Matthew 11, “Come to me all who labour and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

May we come to Jesus for his rest so that our energy and focus on Him can be replenished during Lockdown 6?


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