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Joy in Christmas

By Margaret Rossi.

Will Christmas bring us joy this year with all the ones that we hold dear? beneath blue skies we’d all be free to gather 'round the Christmas tree. Our church could meet in open air not Christmas online service share. This is a precious time of love it’s gifted by our God above. We’d wear a mask upon our face then we’d protect the human race. So many families loved ones lost let’s pray for them, it’s such a cost. Our baby Jesus Heaven sent yes, Christmas is a great event. Let’s celebrate our Saviour’s birth the day Christ Jesus came to earth. So put our worries far behind and come to Christmas clear of mind. There’s joy whatever is to be God loves us and Christ set us free. Words by Margaret Rossi Sung to A.H.B. No. 299 “I know that my Redeemer lives” Church Triumphant melody.


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