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If Everyone is an 'I' (Poem)

By Les Henson.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

If everyone is an ‘I’ then I am no longer the centre of the universe the world does not revolve around me. I’m not quite as important as I thought I was rather I am one of many other ‘I’s each struggling  to understand one’s place in the world.

If everyone is an ‘I’ then every person matters just as much as I do everyone is of value in and of themselves. Accordingly, all must be treated with respect and dignity regardless of wealth, status, gender or creed only in understanding this can we begin understand ourselves.

If everyone is an ‘I’ then each one must learn how to care for one another considering the other better than oneself. So demonstrating a love that moves beyond self-interest in this way each begins to discover their true identity for only then do we understand life

over and above the all-important ‘I’.


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