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Golden Threads

By Margaret Rossi.

Our lives are like a patchwork quilt

that each of us has sewn

with all the blessed and happy times

in patterns all its own.

Warm colours for the ones we love

and for our friends so dear.

With special squares for those we’ve lost

who are forever near.

Bright colours for the joyful times

dark colours for the sad

but through each quilt the Master sews

God’s grace which makes us glad.

He does not leave us when it’s done

for then our quilt will be

a quilt well sewn with golden threads

God’s love has set us free.

So when we come to be with him

we’ll see the quilt we’ve sewn

with all the threads that God’s put in

yes, love has brought us home.

Poem by Margaret Rossi 8-10-2020

Can be sung to A.H.B. No 46 "Our God, our help in ages past"


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