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God’s church upon this Hill

by Margaret Rossi

St. Mark’s 100th Birthday

On this very special date

at St. Marks we celebrate.

Hundred years of service start

in our church at Wonga Park.

Our dear God, our love we raise

as we celebrate in praise.

In God’s church upon this hill

we have sought the Father’s will.

So we gather every week

as the grace of God we seek.

We have stood the test of time

so Christ’s light could always shine.

May your people ever be

strong in faith our Lord to thee.

Let our doors be open wide

with a welcome found inside.

May our mission ever be

building bridges God to thee.

Bless St. Mark’s this special year

for God’s house is ever dear

shine your light so all can see

faith in Christ will set us free.

Music from A.H.B….No. 77

“For the beauty of the earth”


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