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Miss Grumpy (Poem)

By J.

Photo by David White on Unsplash

Miss Grumpy wakes up on a cold Monday morning.

"I hate my alarm and the chill in the air.

Too early, too cold and the weekend's too short.

My work is but dreary and life's so unfair."

Miss Grumpy, Miss Grumpy, who is your god?

Is it your comfort or is He above?

Miss Grumpy, Miss Grumpy, for whom do you work?

Is it your boss or Him that is Love?

Miss Grumpy wakes up to the sin in her heart.

"I'm sorry, forgive me through the death that Christ died.

I confess and repent, please help me to change.

Give me your Spirit and a new heart inside."

Miss Grumpy wakes up on a cold Monday morning.

"Lord help me get up and do my work well.

Thanks for the sun, this job and my faith.

Through my love and my deeds, of Your Love I will tell."

Miss Grumpy, I knew her.

But she’s got a new name.

They call her Miss Sanctified,

She’s no longer the same.


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