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Living Beyond the Mundane Reality of Life

By Les Henson.

Photo by Sean Horsburgh on Unsplash

It is easy to be overcome with the mundane reality of life and all the cares and troubles that come our way. Yet, as the people of God, even in the most challenging times, there should be an underlying, deep-seated joy that undergirds the very core of our being. For, in reality, we are called to live out the fullness of the kingdom of God in both its present and future reality. Including the celebratory aspect that comes with the consummation of the kingdom when the rightful King takes his place in the new heaven and new earth. This underlying joy should penetrate every aspect of our being. It should influence every sector of our lives. It should enable us to see beyond mundane to the extraordinary reality that we are participants of eternal life. Not just in the future but in the present also because that future reality began on Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the first fruits and the guarantee that we shall be resurrected on the day of his coming. Thus, we should live in the joy of that reality every day of our lives, until he comes.


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