first sunday every month

21 Bemboka Rd

warranwood 3134




Finding Jesus through bible story telling 

This group is for upper primary children. Come along for one session or the whole series, whether you've been to church before or not. We are all about empowering young people to access the Bible for themselves in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

5pm - gathering & games

5:15pm - interactive bible story telling

6:15pm - dinner with the adults

7pm - hometime

Question: Mark

[six stories in the gospel of Mark]

Dates and stories: 

Feb 3 - Jesus' baptism: what are they waiting for?

Mar 3 - Jesus heals: but why does he want to keep it a secret?

Apr 7 - Conflict with pharisees: why are they so annoyed?

May 5 - Rich young ruler: what rules his heart?

Jun 9* - The last week: what does Jesus dread? 

Jul 7 - The cross and resurrection: what if he didn't rise?

*second Sunday of June

Parents, why don't you come to our Faith Explored discussion group which runs at the same time same place? 

I would like to come!

Feel free to just turn up, but it would be helpful for our catering if you let us know you are coming (especially if you have dietary requirements). Also feel free to use this contact form to ask any questions!